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San Diego County Litigation & Employment Law Specialists

San Diego-based Pope, Berger and Williams provides employment law advice and litigation services to both employees and employers throughout California. We represent clients in a full range

of employment law matters including wage disputes (individual and class actions), wrongful termination, retaliation and discrimination, sexual harassment, and executive compensation issues, as well as business disputes.

“Award-winning employment law attorneys with reputations for integrity and aggressive and successful representation.”


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By representing both employees and employers, we know how the other side thinks.

With over 70 years of legal experience, our five highly specialized employment law attorneys have successfully tried, arbitrated, mediated, and settled significant cases throughout the State since the firm was founded in 1996.

Unlike other employment law firms, we don’t just represent one side or the other. We believe that representing both employees and employers in the courtroom gives us a greater understanding of, and sensitivity to, workplace issues. We can focus on the strengths and the weaknesses of each individual case, and strive to resolve matters through negotiation, if possible, and by decisive and resolute litigation when it is not.

Our unique experience and perspective allows us to provide our clients with the personalized attention expected of a small firm, with the ability to handle major cases including class action litigation as successfully as much larger firms.

We serve clients throughout California, and offer a free initial consultation.

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